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The GROW Antigua & Barbuda Dispensary is the first of its kind on island, licensed to retail Medicinal Cannabis Products to persons holding a Medical Cannabis Recommendation or Patient ID card.

Located in the beautiful Redcliffe Quay shopping center in St. John's, Antigua, we're open 6 days a week to residents and visitors above the age of 18, with delivery available to the St. John's area each day.

The process is simple... Persons first must complete a Medical Cannabis Patient Evaluation in-store, covering a variety of personal and health-based questions. There are some Gov't Mandated Fees to this process, depending on the length of your Recommendation, and includes options for non-residents and tourists.

Once complete, you're able to purchase up to 2 ounces of dried flower products and 15 grams of concentrates each day. All transactions are currently CASH only.

Local & Organically-Grown Medical Cannabis

Smoke & Grow Shop

Before entering our Dispensary, customers can shop in our Smoke & Grow shop, retailing a variety of items from rolling papers, rolling trays, grinders, waterpipes and more, to everything needed to cultivate your 4 cannabis plants at home.


The GROW Dispensary offers Medical Cannabis Patients the opportunity to purchase from a wide variety of cultivars and strains, ranging from high-THC products to high-CBD products such as dried flower and pre-rolls, tinctures, isolates, concentrates and more!

Our Special Dispensers are trained on all aspects of the Cannabis plant and it's therapeutic benefits to guide you in making the right choice when choosing your medz.

Check out our Patient Guide & Strain Menu here!

GROW Merchandise

Rep the GROW Brand wherever you roam with our GROW tee's, caps, rolling papers, trays, grinders and more. Spread the raspect and feel free to check out our online shop for overseas orders.

“Shop our strains and products online, with delivery to the St. John's area!”